Ian has a slate of potential feature, documentary and short film projects in development.

Horse Head - Drama Feature - A 1990s coming-of-age musical drama, with socio-political undertones.
Beasts and Gods - Period Feature - A journey through 1920s revolutionary horror.
Worm - Sci-Fi Feature - A group of travellers are stalked by an ancient Mongolian terror.
One Way Eurasia - Adventure Travel Documentary - A group of friends attempt an ‘unridable’ bicycle journey.
Tribute - Documentary Feature or Series Format - The wonderfully weird world of musical tribute acts.
Talker - Comedy Short - A girl gains a talent that could save the world.
Fireside - Period Short - A father teaches his son how to be a man, perhaps THE man.
McLe - Documentary Short - The living history of London’s lovely accents.
Wrestling Myself - Documentary Short - How one Londoner found hope in the ancient art of Mongolian Wrestling.

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